Here is a lovely video-based version of one of my favourite illusions…..enjoy….


  1. Noses never seem to be flipped in these illusions, so I tried, an upside down conk is too insignificant to add to the effect, but it does seem a bit nose-ist not to include them.

    1. I think because most people focus on the nose (at least in the westernised world) when looking at faces. That means you can mess with the other parts – eyes, mouth, ears, and it has less effect than messing with the nose.

      Most experiments of this type bear out this conclusion.

    2. So it would be too significant and give away the illusion?
      I must be odd cos’ I look at people’s teeth and eyes, I barely notice their noses.

    3. Noses are far to easy to orientate as to whether they are up or down. Whereas eyes and mouths can be flipped with less noticable effects. Not many people have nostrils in the eyebrows. Not unless you live in Norfolk.

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