So, the big news is that I have just launched a new YouTube Channel. The channel is based on my book, 59 Seconds, and will feature very short video clips containing science-based life-changing tips! The first 4 clips are up now, and all deal with dieting. So, please head over to In59seconds and subscribe.  Here’s one of the clips….hope you like it!



  1. Looking at the optical illusion, my first guess at “how to lose weight without trying” was to surround oneself with fat friends!

  2. Er I say chaps, that is a commercial magic trick (shape cards) copyrighted by my old ex Principal, Rowland Foote I hope I got the right one, we have had several come and go ….of Bournemouth and Poole College of Further Educartoon.. The trick was to be demonstrated to me by his magician wizardry pal ex colleague and amateur close up magician/ amazing hairdressing expert Don Booth. But I declined as it is sneaky mind control to my mind if it has anything to do with an employer . I saw he claimed inventor and too keen acolyte both earlier at a Derren Brown Southampton show so it is likely to be true. The attribution was declared in my own home. Anyway, for an esteemed academic to portray a previously identical shape-card trick changed or disguised do I mean (?) with slices of cake and biscuits seems less than fair to the true inventor….or am I way out of line with this belief in what I saw. Trouble is, to avoid dirty Monarch programming tricks I decline most magicians these days, I never followed through the offer by seeing all the cards , fearful of left/right hypo dominance duality trickery common to monarch programming. Better see my website http://www.monarchprogramming .com . It explains I hope. No offence intended if your trick is not Mr Foot’s but all your own. A few words from you should settle the doubt in my mind and the reader. Did you convert shapes to biscuits, et al.

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