Please do NOT post your answer, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

Right now a mother is 21 years older than her child, but in 6 years her child will be 5 times younger than her. Where is the father?

I have produced an ebook containing 101 of the previous Friday Puzzles! It is called PUZZLED and is available for the Kindle (UK here and USA here) and on the iBookstore (UK here in the USA here). You can try 101 of the puzzles for free here.


    1. Great to hear that you have “come” up trumps again, your Lordship.
      Perhaps you now have time to “spill the beans” regarding your two answers to Richard’s 6/12/13 puzzle?

  1. What does 5 times younger mean? If one fifth Mum’s age I have a reasonable answer. If it means the child is 5 times the child’s age younger the answer is not clear.

    1. I take it to mean that m+6 = 5c, but that makes the kid out to be several years old, which doesn’t seem to agree with what commenters are implying.

  2. Oh how I wish the intended answer were true. Unfortunately, it isn’t – because there is a flaw in the thinking 🙂

    1. MikeI’m not sure how religious richard is, but to most bible thumpers, their father is always in (as in our father who art inheaven, but perhaps I should focus more on the sane answers

  3. Very cute. Can use basic algebra to solve, but if you think about it, there can only be two possible answers with the given info.

  4. Embarrassingly long for a mathematical physics graduate.
    I probably spent too much time studying maths and physics in my youth to make much sense of the answer.

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