So, I put this out on Twitter last week and many folks (including Derren Brown) seemed to enjoy it.  I believe that it might be the greatest magic video ever.  What do you think?


    1. Moreover, what’s with this ridiculous fad of people beginning every single blog post, tweet or even spoken sentence with “So…”?

    1. previous6,
      I agree with you completely. it is barely mediocre at best, Maybe Richard has been into the rum cookies or tainted Egg Nog. It’s like “Dancing with the Stars.” Has nothing to do with dancing. This has nothing to do with “Magic.” Let’s get serious kids!

    2. It’s clearly a joke. Atleast I laughed. A bit of a mockery though, if it wasn’t recorded for comedy.

  1. it seems like a strange table with only two legs, in fact he didn’t take off the hoop at the other end. maybe something else, perhaps it may work

  2. Definitely the best magic video ever! Just ignore the toilet on the left, and the fact that the magician is whispering orders to her… Or the fact that he never addresses the audience, or that you cannot actually see the trick.. Other than that, it’s brilliant. (These vids are so much fun)

  3. What!? No one mentioned the fact that when the suspension is complete he lifts the end of the board the lovely assistant is lying upon to rest it on the chair. Apparently, the foot end has sagged a bit. And that the hoop is a hoola hoop wrapped in aluminum foil. I would almost bet this is NOT a professional magician or illusionist – despite the professional looking venue.

  4. I am disappointed at the sour gripes emanating from the commenters here, especially at xmas time too. People who have probably never sewn a lady in half making dispersing remarks at a magician who at least is trying to bring a little wander to our lives at this time of season. Shame on you!

  5. Am I missing the British humor of this? Are we the subjects of an experiment? Are you testing whether we will be influenced by the reference to Derren Brown? While the foreshortening effect of the video is slightly interesting, it does not rise to the level of the worst of your own personal magic videos.

  6. I think its a test how we react (on a suggestion ?). There are clips on Youtube with many views, but just only because the title includes an interesting word, eg. “Best…….ever !!!” or “(The name of a singer / band) – COVER”

    Better watch this, its genius:

    1. Agreed. Greatest magic trick ever. I now believe! Elves and fairies, big foot, the Loch Ness monster, Zule….

  7. Wow! The clock in the bathroom changed five times and no one noticed it!

    Just about the best piece of misdirection I’ve ever seen.

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