Now then, here’s a great video to get you in the mood for the big C….


  1. Love the way she says this has taken”forever” to set up and you think yeah course it has and then watch it and you think mmmmmmmm she wasn’t exaggerating -great vid

  2. From
    Vintage & retro toys are used to make a fabulously intricate Rube Goldberg style machine, designed to spread a little festive cheer this Christmas.
    Games & toys were sourced from all over the place, with planning, building & testing of the entire sequence taking just ten days.
    The filming – carried out over one very long night – really is done in one take, with a cast of two, and a crew of seven. With an awful lot of takes, there were four successful complete run throughs with Mousetrap, ironically, being the most unreliable toy!
    Watch and enjoy those memories come flooding back.

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