These illusory movement illusions work with some people and not others.  This is one of my favourites – does it work for you?



  1. Had to look at them for about 30 seconds first. They’re moving, but sort of slowly and sinuously, a bit of a slow wriggle.

  2. They don’t move when I focus on any one point but there is some shimmying when I move my gaze from top to bottom to top and so on along the middle between the two figures.

  3. Any idea why some people are more suceptible than others? Frequency of saccades? For the record, I can’t stop them from moving!

  4. Dead still for me. I tried darting my eyes back and forth, staring at one point, slowly moving my eyes around the picture…nothing. What’s different between those who see this illusion and those who don’t?

  5. I found if I focus in on a particular couple of dots the image stops moving. It’s when I let my gaze drift over the image that the movement is strongest.

  6. The introduction says “work with some people” and “does it work for you?”.

    Work? What do you mean, “work”? What is it supposed to do? What is supposed to happen? I see a large number of blobs, arranged in a pattern which vaguely resembles two people. Are they supposed to be dancers? If so, why?

    I am beginning to get rather fed up with the over-use of the word “illusion” to describe boring unexplained pictures on this website. What is “illusory” about it?

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