10 super simple party stunts


The other day I made this new Quirkology video showing 10 of my favourite party stunts – hope you enjoy them!

10 comments on “10 super simple party stunts

  1. Sir Dingly Dang says:

    Your best yet, Prof Wiseman! Some excellent ones there.

  2. Miss Chili says:

    The trick with the napkin and invisible thread is interesting of its own accord, but it could be used as a follow up to the new pet mouse and dead pet mouse trick, as a ghost mouse. 😀

  3. Joan Bryant says:

    For Rocky!

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  4. Eddie says:

    Will try the egg shell one tonight.

  5. Gene says:

    Eggshell = perpetual motion?

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  7. Jaleel says:

    Some more amusing than others 🙂

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