Optical illusion test


I came across this lovely way of ‘gamefying’ optical illusion – hope you like it?



11 comments on “Optical illusion test

  1. Stevie says:

    Admittedly, too many were very common so I got them right even when my eyes were fooled. I did like the ‘ Which is real’ round particularly.

  2. […] came across this video on Richard Wiseman’s blog. I knew many of the optical illusions showcased in the video but still it is a great collection put […]

  3. ChrisR says:

    interesting – but as before these are common illusions frequently seen elsewhere.
    However it really went too fast and you needed to pause the video at times.

  4. L.Long says:

    The statement at the end aint necessarily correct. It may be that you are still a fool but like Richard’s blog so you see lots of illusions.
    But then liking Richard’s blog also helps make you less a fool.

  5. barry G says:

    this video breaks the usual rules for a posting on mr wisemans blog.

    it should not ask for the anses. it should ask how long it took to find the anses.

  6. Cromack says:

    I was wrong on only the orange balls. I thought the one on the right was smaller, but they were both the same size. Good exercise.

  7. Isa M. says:

    This Russian artist turned these models faces into optical illusions. What do you think of them?

  8. Jaleel Hamid says:

    The answers came up a bit to quickly.

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