David B sent me this lovely twist on an old illusion.  Do you think that the figures add much?  And if so, what?



  1. To quote Obi Wan “what I told you was right from a certain point of view”. They are both right from their own perception and both wrong from the other’s.

  2. Yes, the figures add a lot. 🙂 Always a good one. However yu try to look at it from a distance or take the whole drawing in “as a whole” to see what it actually is, it confounds your eyes and your brain.

    1. Precisely Eddie. In other words, it’s the assumption that others see the world exactly as we do. And they don’t. In this case, one guy sees three and can’t fathom how the other guy can see four. Similarly for the guy that can see four. Solipsism. There are lots of applications in real life. We all construct our own model of reality and we call it our ‘consciousness’; but my model will differ from yours and everyone else’s.

  3. Perhaps the figures could have a walk around the object(s) hand in hand, look at it from each other’s point of view, think what they could do for each other, and invite others from many cultures to participate in a positive affirmation of how things can be seen from many perspectives but ultimately are all part of the same picture, built of the same materials born of exploding stars and all vibrate in a cosmic symphony.
    Fat chance of that happening though so instead we just argue and snipe and want and take and spoil.
    Talking of spoilers, where’s Dave? If this were a Friday Puzzle he’d have ruined it by now by explaining why there were actually 7 objects.

  4. two philosophers arguing over nothing.

    Two different religious nuts arguing over the nature of gawd (essentially nothing).

    Two math students arguing over the nature if ‘i’.

  5. meh – why is this site getting so lazy with the daily updates. is it 1986 again? ’cause that’s when grainy “illusions” like this came to be. lame!

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