There are a few clips going around the web containing a variation on a well known magic trick called ‘Sam the bell hop’.  I think that the original idea comes from magician Rufus Steele, and that Bill Malone then added all of the cuts and shuffles. Either way, I thought it would be fun to post a clip of the performer most associated with the trick.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Bill Malone…


  1. I used to enjoy performing that myself but required it. I’ll revisit it when I can come up with my own story. Bill’s I think is about as good as it can get though.

  2. But… so… Three men go to a hotel, and ask to rent a room. The desk clerk charges them $30 collectively. After they go to the room, the desk clerk realizes he has overcharged them, and asks the bell-hop (see the connection there?) to refund them $5. The bell-hop goes to the room and thinks “What the heck” and returns only $3 dollars to the men, keeping $2 for himself. So… upon getting a one dollar refund a piece, each man has paid $9 for their share of the room, equaling $27. Adding the $2 the bell-hop kept for himself, the total spent is $29. What happened to the missing dollar?
    (And Paul Currey did a nice little card routine illustrating this puzzle.
    ps. Love you Dr. Wiseman!)

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