Fun Ikea Prank


David B sent me this great prank.  Simple but effective. Enjoy.



6 comments on “Fun Ikea Prank

  1. Jaleel Hamid says:

    Hahah… I’m from Denmark, so I understand Swedish (neighbor country).
    Thanks for a quick laugh… Hillarious!

  2. Andrew says:

    What’s wonderful is that they had the complicity of the Ikea folks to pull this off. That gives me the warm fuzzies about the store. Awesome!

  3. Anders says:

    It’s a Norwegian entertainment program, this is about as much a prank as any one of thirty zillion “candid camera” shows, yawn

    • mittfh says:

      Not just any Norwegian entertainment program, but the one headed by a pair of brothers whose viral ad for their latest talk show series (only intended for domestic audiences) went a bit too viral and confused the heck out of international audiences…

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