Just came across this lovely version of a very old idea….



    1. I won’t be going out and buying an ipad but if I already had one, I’d use it for that as well. What you may be failing to see is adding something to your ipad, if you happen to have one.

  1. Why can’t the moved ‘striped foil’ be included within the ipad graphic? I think the foil would have been transported very carefully in the demonstrator’s rucksack.

  2. It’s not foil. It’s just a piece of overhead projector transparency film with black lines printed on a laser printer.

    1. Hey, Rod 🙂

      I noticed a similar effect at my office. I have a coworker who has a tall server rack by his desk. It has vertically slatted air vents around the top, and when you walk by, the near vents moving in parallax against the far vents causes a cool rippling pattern. I tried once without much success, but I will try again, to print one of these animations and put it on the inside of the far wall of the rack so that, when you walk by, you will see an animation. I’ll post a video if I can get it to work.

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