@andynyman brought my attention to this video.  It has nothing to recommend it.  Everything about it is wrong.  And I love it….


  1. When I was going to grammar school in Manchester in the 1950s, I had two teachers (“masters” as we called them then) who were proud to be graduates of Loughborough. Back then all I knew of the place was that it was somewhere near Nottingham. And it produced some pretty good teachers. Neither of my teachers taught music, however. Looks like the tradition has continued.

  2. Am I right in thinking that this is one of those backward videos? It has the appearance of being shown from the end through to the beginning..

    1. Exactly how it struck me until the end when they a couple of them eased down the stairs too smoothly to be backwards. But the audio portion absolutely sounds that way to me.

  3. you know what, I actually liked the fact that they probably thought it was lame themselves,but did it anyway, they are young enthusiastic people, who seem happy and full of life, good luck to them

  4. Legendary video.
    What an achievement to find so many people of which NOT ONE can hold a tune.
    (Or dance….or act…or dress…..)
    I actually watched it again, it’s so funny

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