A very different type of puzzle this week.  Can you spot the four-leaf clover here?  Please don’t post where it is, but do say how long it took to find. Solution on Monday.


I have produced an ebook containing 101 of the previous Friday Puzzles! It is called PUZZLED and is available for the Kindle (UK here and USA here) and on the iBookstore (UK here in the USA here). You can try 101 of the puzzles for free here.


    1. Amazing how few people are actually solving this. Clue: it isn’t the four-leaf clover you’re looking for.

    2. Really Steve?
      Is it like one of those Magic-Eye things and if I stare long enough I will see the image of The Blessed Richard Dawkins miraculously appear?
      Please let us know on Monday.

    1. The trick is to keep your gaze soft and not to concentrate too hard. Your eyes will lock on before you even know you’ve seen it in seconds.

    2. Absolutely! Worked for me — I’d started out by looking intensely, as though this was a Tetris game with identical pieces, but then I read your recommendation, went back and saw it straight away!

    1. I’ve seen this complaint more than once recently. How *isn’t* it puzzle? I mean, I don’t like hidden object games, but I still don’t whine about them not being games. I don’t demand that jigsaw puzzles not be called puzzles because they don’t require me to do more than find and match shapes. Tell me what I’m supposed to think a puzzle is so that I, too, can be snooty about Richard’s offerings.

  1. It took me about three seconds to find it, then about 20 more to verify that it was the only four leaved clover in the picture, and about 2 to verify it was a jpeg rather than a gif with a really slow framerate (you never know what strategies Richard will use…)

  2. About a minute, but most of that was spent trying to decide if there was some trick involved. I let my vision go blurry, wondering if there was a 3-D effect. I examined the spaces between the clovers to see if it was a negative space image. In the end, it is a straightforward search. Devious!

  3. 15 seconds. I suspected a trick so was swivelling my eyes vacantly, and it just popped into my vision. I then spent another 45 seconds checking the result and seeing if it was the only one. I still don’t trust Richard’s puzzles.

  4. I’m terrible at these “spot the thingee” of games, and I found the clover in under 5 seconds – some self -esteem boosts com cheap. Thanks, Richard!

  5. 2 seconds. The i spoke to someone at work and when I looked back I had lost it again, took another 30 seconds to find.

  6. Found it immediately in the first place I looked. Finding it was so easy that I spent about a minute checking to see whether it was the only one.

  7. took me what felt like forever, I wonder what I’m missing that made it so easy for others I spent at least 15 minutes on this one plus some seconds trying to see if perhaps the ones with three leaves were really four leaf clovers srawn in some subtle way but I can’t see anything to say they are

    if the other answers are honest I’d like to know what shortcut I’m missing (and no, I do not believe “before I finished reading the question”, not for this one

    1. I don’t think there’s any trick to it. Some will just get lucky to start their search in the right place. Some might have the misfortune of picking a flawed search strategy (e.g., getting lost and covering the same ground multiple times) or otherwise have a slow visual search. My strategy was to do a quick, unfocused scan (~3 seconds) over the entire area to see if anything jumped out at me. Nothing did, so I then did a more detailed scan (~30 seconds) looking for something that didn’t fit the 3 clover pattern. I got slightly lucky because I didn’t have to scan the whole area in detail, so I came out at 20 seconds total.

  8. I’m pretty sure that’s not clover. Clover leaves are round or elliptical; Wood Sorrel leaves, on the other hand, are heart-shaped like in the puzzle.

    By the way, for the same reason, a traditional shamrock is probably wood sorrel and not clover. Also, wood sorrel is edible and quite tasty.

    Mind blown?

  9. I started to look, thinking it would be some kind of trick, but then almost immediately… BANG there it is. So less then 10 secs.

  10. Oh – I finally saw it! Second time of looking at the puzzle and just – looking. Yes, it’s just TOO simple and straightforward this time. That’s why I missed it. 🙂

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