Paula W (and others!) sent me this great illusory photo……


Like it?


  1. Great idea and execution, but in my opinion it is photoshop :). First, the image is made directly into the mirror so the photographer should be visible in it. Second, the image in the mirror blends perfectly into the background, too much to be a coincidence. The author probably made two images and then replaced the mirror image with the image of the background without the subject. All this is done very easy in photoshop, nevertheless it is agreat idea and the image looks great.

    1. Not necessary – the mirror if tilted so there’s no reason for the photographer to be in it. And it’s tilted cleverly so that the other part of the garden visible in it matches the background nicely. I think the whole point is that it isn’t photoshopped – that would be just too easy.

    2. It is photoshoped, get over it… a few guys further down made some more arguments…could it be done for real, probably yes but not wit a reflection that matches the bacground completly

    3. The reason why I thought of a second mirror is because it looks like the garden in the mirror gets the same amount of sun as the garden behind the girl, which seemed unnatural to me. I hadn’t thought of the other points the people below have made.

  2. It’s photoshopped. There are no reflections of the hands/fingers or lower legs based on the position that the mirror is in

  3. I don’t understand you people sometimes. Here we have a delightfully clever photograph and you quibble over it because it may be photoshopped. So what if it is? The point is the image shown, not how it came into being.

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