My pal Simon Singh has just written a great book on the mathematical secrets behind The Simpsons.  You can read all about it in this article, and this photo is undeniable proof that everyone is reading it!


Also, everyone and their dog has been kind enough to send me this amazing video showing the incredible potential of projective mapping….. enjoy!


    1. P. W. says they’re all reading the book and sending him the video.
      I agree with you about the video I saw it a few days ago and gave up on it thinking it was a stage perfomance of a screen saver. I prefer the outdoor projections, buildings collapsing, giant birds, levitating tomatoes etc

  1. Great visual, liked the how they did it at the end. Wish I had been 30 odd years later when I could have really got my head around and hands on this type of computer thingies. Looks like it’s just you and me Eddie!!

  2. The video, as a mapping tool to designate possibilities, simply boggles my mind. Manufacturers would find it very useful during invention and planning stages, however, i would think an advanced degree in something or the other would be necessary to run the program so that puts it out of the reach of most businesses. Perhaps educational facilities might have the resource (including the price) to make it work as a teaching tool.
    As for the book about math. Meh. i need more than that little teaser to make me spring to my computer to order it from Amazon

  3. Oh no! I can not make it and I am so sad! I actually want to go nevertheless the girls are throwing me a likely away party that night at Angie’s. And that i need so much clothes for my new job. So bummed. Anyway, have a blast and that i would go with the dress its fab! XOXO

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