@RubyRedDevon and @ShazzieP brought this great image to my attention – can you figure it out?



    1. The image has been captured and rotated a quarter turn counter clockwise. The lake is the woodland background with the clouds behind. The tree that he is leaning against is in fact a tree that has been uprooted and he is lying down on it.
      A lovely photograph!

  1. Uprooted tree with massive root bolus. Pic rotated through 180-degrees so sky becomes ‘water’. Distant trees in grey sky look like reflections on water.

    1. Because with the orientation, most people (myself included) would think that at first. The shading for the caption actually enhances the effect by giving the illusion of a horizon. It was only when I noticed there wasn’t the requisite reflections in the “water” that things twigged (if you’ll pardon the pun) for me.

    2. Huh, OK. The first thing I noticed was that there’s a “wall” of soil “behind” the tree, and all of the other trees are growing “horizontally” out of that wall. I really can’t make myself see it in any other orientation…

  2. It’s a windblown tree on its side with the person lying along the tree trunk with their feet on the exposed root system. The ‘Lake’ is the sky behind it. Really nice composition now to read the rest of the comments.

  3. Actually saying there is no lake sort of gives it away as the ‘reflections’ of the trees on the ‘lake’ are all wrong, which is how i saw what it was.

  4. Realized very quickly, but probably because of the no lake statement at the top. If that wasn’t there, probably would have taken longer.

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