I came across this the other day and rather liked it – how many animals do you see?




    1. Big fleas have little fleas,
      upon their backs to bite them.
      Little fleas have lesser fleas,
      and so on ad infinitum.
      (J.Swift, I think)

  1. I see (in order of descending size) an elephant, a horse, an ape of some kind, a dog, a cat and a mouse. That makes six. What, and where, is the seventh?

  2. I count a even dozen …so far , elephant , jelly fish…porpoise, gorilla,snake,dog,cat,mouse,sawfish,shrimp,manatoo,man kneeling…and some sort of reptile (looking upside down in white on right side) I think which would make a bakers dozen

  3. Technically if you are looking at the picture you can clearly see six shapes but is there such thing as a white gorilla I don’t think so but those are shapes so I think the ones in black count so I technically there are 3

  4. There’s no mouse between the dogs legs. There is a clearer picture on Instagram…the space between the dogs legs is a triangle when the pic is better quality. There’s 6.

  5. There are 7 animals.1,the elephant.2,the horse.3,the dog.4,the cat.5, the mouse.6,the gorilla .7,the squirrel(last part of the trunk).

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