@Letitia_Potorac sent me this wonderful moving image illusion – does it work for you?




  1. Does for me… more or less strongly depending on the distance from my eyes to the screen (and size of image). I guess the illusion is generated by the saccades of my eyes picking up the differing directions of the light edge to the dots which make the dots look as if they are leaning. First they lean this way, and then that way, and I’m feeling sleepy…

  2. This is a weird one! The Buddha looks still to me. More a case of “moving dots around a Buddha”. Close up it’s hard to believe the dots aren’t moving but if you look from a distance of about 3 feet you can see that they aren’t. Good one. 🙂

  3. It sadly doesn’t work for me any more. As I recall that is one of the categories of illusions that decreases with age. I’m not sure why.
    I think it is the illusion with a Japanese name. Does anyone recall the name or have a book with named illusions?

    1. Doesn’t work for me either, Stan. I’m 66. How old are you–if you don’t mind my asking? And I wonder if Richard can explain why age would matter.

    1. The illusion is that the dots appear to be moving when they are in fact still. It probably won’t work if you’re looking at it on a phone (or other small screen).

  4. But the Buddha isn’t moving. Oh wait. I have to transcend the duality of motion and stillness. Now it’s all perfectly clear.

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