The Importance of Punctuation!


Elaine B sent me this rather wonderful sign, showing the power and necessity of punctuation….image001


Like it?


18 comments on “The Importance of Punctuation!

  1. fotoflex2013 says:

    Yeah, if you don’t kill ‘m outright, they can turn nasty!

  2. Anne Nicklen says:

    Love it – but can’t work out what the punctuation should be (unless the “using” changes to “use”). Any other ideas?

  3. Steve Jones says:

    My first thought when I see a photo of a sign such as this on the Internet is has is been faked? There are just so many of them around.

    For those that care about punctuation, I can recommend Lynne Truss’s amusing book, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”.

  4. Stevie says:

    I recall an email about the importance of punctuation and grammar.
    The example it gave was:
    Billy helped his uncle, Jack, off the horse.
    As opposed to:
    Billy helped his uncle jack off the horse.

    • One Eyed Jack says:

      If your Uncle Jack helped you off an elephant, would you help your uncle jack off an elephant?

      -The Love Guru, 2008

  5. Letís eat, Grandpa! vs. Letís eat Grandpa!

    Use a comma, save a life.

  6. mittfh says:

    Then there’s the old joke about a teacher who wrote on the blackboard:

    A woman without her man is useless

    and asked their students to correctly punctuate it.

    All the male students wrote: A woman, without her man, is useless.
    All the female students wrote: A woman: without her, man is useless.

  7. Rod Kimball says:

    The most astonishing thing is that it looks like it’s been there awhile.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes I can

  9. szescstopni says:

    Lots of other examples on Snopes including one that saved a life: “Pardon impossible, to be sent to Siberia” was replaced with “Pardon, impossible to be sent to Siberia”

  10. Gail Hatton says:

    tee hee that made me laugh out loud, nice one, thanks Richie boy

  11. Dick says:

    Might have been a good sign for Dick Cheney to read, huh?

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