Gilad D sent me this great new illusion – amazingly the dots are always moving in a straight line!


Like it?


  1. wow! I couldnt see it at first though, all I could see were dots moving in a straight line but if I sit further back I can see the ‘rotation’

    1. I think it’s supposed to look as though the individual dots are moving in loops around the ‘leaves’, which are themselves rotating around the centre of the pattern. All this from dots moving in straight lines. Enjoy.

  2. ;This is very interesting. It really looks like it is rotating. Thank you for your good work, it starts my day off with a smile

  3. I think the description might be counter-productive; I read “amazingly the dots are always moving in a straight line!”, and it makes we watch the individual dots. And yes, they’re clearly moving in straight lines with nothing illusion-like happening. But then I mentally step back and look at the whole image (as I would if I hadn’t been primed to think about the dots) and the rotation illusion snaps into place.

  4. Yes very nice.
    When I fist looked at it I only saw the straight lines.
    Then the circulating clover.
    But if I really look at the straight line motion I can stop the clover.

  5. This is fantastic – I love it! May I ask who “Gilad D” (referenced as the originator) is & where I could find the original please?

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