Neil J sent me these great examples of ads…..






Which is your favourite?


  1. I like both of them. Of course I am: Old fashioned, probably outdated, definately left-wing, not a Luddite, very efficient, and I don’t know what the expression “over-manning” means, but possibly that too.

  2. Funny, although I feel bad for John Cartwright who works both of those jobs, part-time, without benefits, but doesn’t seem to mind.

  3. Instinct chose the girl squeezing the ice-cream first, but on second thoughts the guy doing the bag search explains why this always seems to take longer than one expects from a ‘modern’ machine!

  4. Terry Pratchett had the same idea in “The colour of magic”, his first diskworld book. Someone explains his camera to a person in a low-tech civilisation as being a demon in a box who paints a little picture of what he points the box at. A little while later, the demon pops out to complain he is running out of red because of all the sunsents he has been asked to paint.

  5. As one little city surrounded by tons of other similar
    looking cities, there’s not much to differentiate you from your neighbors.
    A casual game to me is something you can pick up, play for a while, then leave and forget about for a while.
    The Earth itself is going through some big evolutionary shifts, clearing out those same
    denser vibrations.

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