Someone showed me this photo the other day. It seems to be very compelling for some people, and yet has no effect on others. Does it work for you?



  1. they were all interesting and i could figure then all out except for the last one, the young woman in the blue dress with three knees. any suggestions?

  2. all quite interesting, the girl with the 3 knees, is actually holding a vase, look closer, it just happens to be same colour as her legs lol cool

    1. I think it was initially posted with a bunch of similar images that Richard has posted before, perhaps by accident. My RSS reader still shows about a dozen images too. I think of it as a special Tuesday bonus.

  3. I couldn’t work it out until I read the comments. Maybe the people for whom it ‘has no effect’ are slightly colour blind?

  4. It worked for a few seconds until I looked closer at the picture. Now I can’t see it again.

    For some reason it made me want to watch “Total Recall again.

  5. I got multiple images. The first one even repeated at the end. Some were more difficult than others, but all pretty good; even the ones I’d seen before. A couple of them (synchro swimmer and girl in camping chair) must be unlucky poker players – ever hear the expression “I’ve got a hand like a foot”? Oh, and nice comment from Stevie.

  6. when i saw this i immediately thought this is a weird illusion here, but when i got it, i now can’t believe it even fooled me in the first place!

  7. I had to look in the comments to find out what the ‘illusion’ was. I am afraid all I saw was a girl with a vase, couldn’t see the third knee effect. I have good colour vision too.

  8. I thought she was holding a bowl. Now I know, from reading comments, it is a vase. I liked the picture better when I thought she had 3 legs

    1. Which quadrant did your ship explore?
      I have been on two five year missions to the delta quadrant. All the aliens we met had the same amount of limbs as humans. The main difference was skin colour and facial features.

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