Can you see what this is?


Two things today!

First, a quick plug.  I am doing my Psychobabble talk on the Edinburgh Festival at the Assembly Rooms on Sunday 4th August.  The show involves me rummaging around in your mind, and explaining how to tell lies, read thoughts and transform a tea towel into a chicken (‘hugely entertaining’ Fringe Guru *****; ‘hard to beat’, Fringe Review ****; ‘very funny and very entertaining’, Three Weeks ****).  If you are up in Edinburgh, do come along, the details are here.

Third, can you work out who or what is in this picture?



58 comments on “Can you see what this is?

  1. Adrian Bridgwater says:

    Sigmund Freud’s face coming out of a dogs bottom

  2. Grumpy Bob says:

    I can see a bearded face.

  3. Grumpy Bob says:

    But no dog’s bottom.

  4. Rhys says:

    Paul Mcartney

  5. Cinderella says:

    Looks like a piece of toast to me

  6. BigFrankieC says:

    Horribly misprinted MaxiCode.

  7. Eddie says:

    Can you do picture searches on the internet?

  8. Baker's Dozen says:

    Is it the Baby Jeesus?

  9. My Dad had this very item on his desk for years. Mom and my brother and I could see what the pattern conveyed quite plainly… Dad, not so much.
    After it sitting in front of him for years, a time came when he was deluged with bills and various substantial concerns, he later told us that when he’d blurted aloud that maybe things might improve when he could see [what we could see], considering the significance thereof, suddenly Dad Could See what we could see.
    And for several years things got better for him.

  10. Minor Deity says:

    It looks like the face of the Blessed Richard Dawkins

  11. Miss Chili says:

    Hmmm… Let’s see… It’s one of the following:
    1. Jesus,
    2. Mary, or
    3. the Black Dahlia

  12. Olivér Ősz says:

    Islands with lakes in some of them.

  13. Are you videotaping your talk ? (For those of us not lucky enough to be in Edinburgh on August 4th.)

  14. Dougal McTavish says:

    A clue might be in the name of the file…

  15. Simon York says:

    The side of a cow

  16. Dave says:

    I think we’re being taken for a ride, it’s just random black and white bits.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Had to take my glasses off and stand at a distance but then saw it. Now want to ‘unsee’ it.

  18. Goliath says:

    Oh, wow, it actually is Jesus! I should have had more faith in all of you…

  19. Julia says:

    After ten minutes looking for a cow, I finally found Jesus.

  20. Anita Dunne says:

    Either Jesus or Eric Clapton.

  21. Jethro says:

    It took me a long time to spot an I think the reason for that is that it’s badly positioned. I was looking around the centre of the image for recognizable features.

  22. ChrisR says:

    I’ve got a hard-copy of this from around 1975!

  23. One Eyed Jack says:

    I can see the face, but it’s too vague to say conclusively that it’s Jesus or any other individual. I’m sure certain people will see what they want, but the details or too vague to argue any specific person.

  24. Myopia says:

    I think it’s the Zig-zag man.

  25. david dredge says:

    Jesus who?

  26. krishna mani says:

    it is a face of a bearded man with black shoulder

  27. The Pick Man says:

    It certainly looks like . . . . , hey, hang on; how do we know what Jesus looked like?

  28. Thomas says:

    Jesus? George Harrison? Charles Manson?

  29. NSFW! Put a warning on posts like these, Richard!

  30. john jahanpour-burke says:

    Or Jesus

  31. Mervulon says:

    Looks kinda like Father Guido Sarducci…

  32. Steve says:

    I can’t detect any coherent shape at all. Some thing with eyes maybe.

  33. Steve says:

    Actually maybe a snow man.

  34. Sari1967 says:

    Yes it is in the excellent book incognito which really changed my thinking on things.

  35. ctj says:

    i see a white dude with a beard and wearing a toga.

  36. James Bailey says:

    I think the profile face at the right also looks a little like Charles Darwin (yeah, Freud too), which adds a nice ironic twist to those who seriously think it’s Jesus.

  37. Pfeffermatz says:

    If you look at the picture backwards, it says “Paul can’t sing”.

  38. George Harrison or Charles Manson, great (we know how they really look like) but how can someone recognize Jesus here? I have yet to see an original painting of him? 😉

  39. arjay says:

    Is it Kung Fu Panda?

  40. Gene says:

    Two butterflies screaming at each other in German?

  41. mittfh says:

    Easy – it’s a classic example of Pareidolia 😀

  42. Steve Frushour says:

    Jesus Christ

  43. Tim Millea says:

    It is Paul McCartney circa 1970 when he had a beard like that. His droopy eyelids are quite distinctive.

  44. apples says:

    Usually these are easy, but this one seriously just looks like a messed up, black and white version of the Guernica to me…

  45. Jak Down says:

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