We haven’t had a caption competition for a bit, so here goes.  On Sunday, @AnRev sent me this great photo of a goat eating 59 Seconds…..


My first thought was ‘Why did you give the goat the book?’, then I thought, ‘Let’s have a caption competition’. So, fire away. A free, signed, copy of Rip It Up (which has just come out in paperback), to the best one (as judged by me)!


  1. A book to intentionally rip up was far fetched, but many saw Richard Wisemans latest “eat it up” as a tad too far…

  2. Hmm “Think a little. Change a lot”.
    Well it’s true.. I quickly thought I eat the LOT!! Grass was getting boring.

  3. A man sits in a movie theater. A goat is seated next to him.
    “Why are you in here?” the man asked the goat. The goat looked at him and said,
    “I liked the book.”

  4. So..the winner will get a free, signed, copy of “Rip it up” book?
    who the hell wants a book that was “ripped up” by a goat?
    And..I already have “59 Seconds” by the way..I don’t need the “Ripped up” paperback version.

  5. Goat: Oh so you’re debunking self-help myths now, Phil? You don’t know anything about self-help myths! You’re such a bad astronomer! Give me that book & go back to your telescope!

  6. Putting a pencil between your teeth makes you happier? Pencils are too mainstream,i’d prefer 59 seconds!

  7. Maaaaaaam. Haaaave you heaaaaaard theee gooood neeews? Leeet meee teeeeelll youuu abouuut my relaaaationshiiiip wiiith Wiiiisemaaaan.

  8. Eager to get out of the funk he was in, Gareth the Goat was draw to Dr Wiseman’s book by the promise of a quick solution. Alas, the inescapable spiral of negative thought soon gripped him when he realised 59 seconds was considerably longer in goat seconds.

  9. I don’t know what would be right to write butt if the goat could chew the cud from chomping on the chapters, what wood would be good for its pud?

  10. The goat and the mirror

    Here I am, whatching a goat eating a book.
    “Why are you eating my Book?” I ask.
    “Why are you, man, not eating this book?” The goat replies.
    “Because I am no goat.”
    “So why are you no goat?”
    “Because,” it is in ne to answer “if I was a goat eating a book, and you, goat that you are, were eating the same book, than this book was a mirror.”
    “But is not every book a mirror, for does it not reveal Things about yourself that you Do not know?” The goat asks.
    “And if this book, as every book, is a mirror, are you not a goat devouring a book than?
    What does this tell you about yourself?”

  11. Goat: Mind if I borrow this book? My friend Shaun the Sheep always have problems in each episode. He might need this.

  12. It appears to be like like wonderful put up, however it just 1 side from the medal. Awesome reading in any case, I generally appreciated great brain teaser and solid amount of pleasant information.

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