Caption competition!


We haven’t had a caption competition for a bit, so here goes.  On Sunday, @AnRev sent me this great photo of a goat eating 59 Seconds…..


My first thought was ‘Why did you give the goat the book?’, then I thought, ‘Let’s have a caption competition’. So, fire away. A free, signed, copy of Rip It Up (which has just come out in paperback), to the best one (as judged by me)!


133 comments on “Caption competition!

  1. Gone in 60 seconds.. Let’s try 59 seconds… Nom Nom Nom…

  2. Sean says:

    How do you enter?

  3. Stephen Everett says:

    A book to intentionally rip up was far fetched, but many saw Richard Wisemans latest “eat it up” as a tad too far…

  4. Ajit Athle says:

    “Gimme that book! I can digest it in less than a minute!”

  5. Eric says:

    Gone in 59 seconds….

  6. “I will sure chew it in less than 59secs, it’s a bet I always win!”

  7. Roland says:

    Finally, some real food for thought!

  8. Harish says:

    So you’ve ‘goat’ my book eh.

  9. Chris G says:

    59 seconds… suitable for kids

  10. Mark says:

    Goat to man. Buy your own book.

  11. ianvisits says:

    Illusion of a book eating a goat appears to show the goat eating a book

  12. Fotoflex says:

    “Could you sign my book “To eBay”, please? Small e, big B. Thank you, Richard.”

  13. Harish says:

    Like it or Love it? Naah, ‘Goat’ta ve it!

  14. robhes says:

    The new bookmark, whilst ecologically friendly, was rather impractical

  15. Wondering where all the time went?

  16. Darryl says:

    59 seconds to eat this lot? Nae bother!

  17. Sophie says:

    ‘Thought I’d just help myself’ 😉

  18. Jann says:

    “This is how I’ll feel better in 59 seconds”

  19. Lance Reynolds says:

    You have this long to vacate my paddock, baah.

  20. Ivan says:

    After tasting the shoe, Mr Goat thought it couldn’t get any worse…Alas…

  21. Chris Tatt says:

    A Wiseman book? You’ve goat to be kidding me!

  22. Paolo says:

    “I Goatta read it”

  23. Anonymous says:

    Readers’ Digest.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “Readers’ Digest”

  25. Dougal McTavish says:

    This is not a kid’s book!

  26. Morph says:

    How Now Brown Cow

  27. Peter Woerde says:

    Wrong book used in advertisement new Wiseman book ” Rip it up”.

  28. arjay says:

    Goat Tea

  29. Allister says:

    Hmm “Think a little. Change a lot”.
    Well it’s true.. I quickly thought I eat the LOT!! Grass was getting boring.

  30. Baker's Dozen says:


  31. DiscoveredJoys says:

    Capricious caprine commences conceptual change concept consumption.

  32. arjay says:

    Although his name is on the cover, Richard Wiseman’s secret shame is that he uses a goat-writer.

  33. Anders says:

    easily consumed literature, this will be gone in 60 seconds

  34. arjay says:

    A scene from the much-less-dangerous ‘Reading Of The Goats’ festival.

  35. arjay says:

    Did You Spot The Goat – How To Recognise Opportunities That Are Staring You In The Face

  36. Jeroen says:

    That goat seems to get smarter by the minute.

  37. Tall Rob says:

    Hungry? Horny? Both? Get your teeth into this

  38. Richard Milne says:

    From the director of the film Men who stare at goats !

  39. Chris Coward says:

    ‘Sorry pal but it’s Animal Farm or nothing around here I’m afraid.’

  40. tickmc says:

    This book really gets my goat.

  41. tickmc says:

    This book literally gets my goat.

  42. Katy says:

    Okay, you can borrow it for a minute…

  43. Katy says:

    Daily Mail Exclusive: SHOCK as local library employs KIDS to retrieve overdue books

  44. Jethro says:

    ‘Sir, I chew and ram!’ (Anag)

  45. Could you just put “to Billy, with best wishes”. Thank you, Professor.

  46. Miss Chili says:

    ‘Why not 59 seconds and thirds and fourths? I have a lot of kids to feed on this book!’

  47. cfssufferer says:

    Following board review, government hands out 59 Seconds to all ‘kids.’

  48. Trisha k says:

    Definitely the more interesting kid making the news today.

  49. andypiehead says:

    “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good book must never read it in the vicinity of a hungry goat.”

  50. andypiehead says:

    Goat: EAT? Rip it up?
    Man: No, I said I’d like to READ “Rip it Up!”

  51. DPH says:

    I hope this is as good as his other book “Chew It Up.”

  52. andypiehead says:

    Outside of a goat, a book is a man’s best friend.
    Inside, it’s too dark to read…
    (Apols to Groucho Marx)

  53. Steve says:

    Hey, it’s mine ! I may think a little but I’m sure it’ll change me a lot.

  54. Geodetective says:

    The only one who likes the book.

  55. perolofkarl says:

    Does make a difference!

  56. Ronil Patel says:

    Royal Mail deny privatisation will cause changes to deliveries to rural areas.

  57. Kyle says:

    Richard Wiseman demonstrates the principle of “Think a little, change A LOT!”

  58. Rakesh says:

    Following Bacon’s advice, planning to digest the book that is nice.

  59. You see the goat but… can you spot the gorilla?

  60. Stevie says:

    Kid misunderstands the idea of marking books!

  61. Less than a minute to go

  62. Geodetective says:

    “A book to really get your teeth into” – The Daily Goat

  63. Biting off more than one could chew?

  64. Ken Haley says:

    Richard set out to prove by the book that a goat can withstand the taste of time.

  65. Mervulon says:

    Food for thought.

  66. Alfredo Faubel says:

    So good, you can taste it !

  67. Joe M says:

    You are not going to read that book until you have paid some attention to me!

  68. Mya says:

    A man sits in a movie theater. A goat is seated next to him.
    “Why are you in here?” the man asked the goat. The goat looked at him and said,
    “I liked the book.”

  69. A small pre-dinner snack before Paranormality.

  70. Charles Brewer says:

    RW ” I’m glad you enjoyed my book… So who do you want me to dedicate it to?”

  71. NavyVet73 says:

    When you just don’t have time for Minute Rice …

  72. Gene says:

    59 seconds? More like 59 calories.

  73. Jason Garcia says:

    So..the winner will get a free, signed, copy of “Rip it up” book?
    who the hell wants a book that was “ripped up” by a goat?
    And..I already have “59 Seconds” by the way..I don’t need the “Ripped up” paperback version.

  74. john jahanpour-burke says:

    will Eating This Book Make Me 59 Seconds Older?

  75. Brian Lee says:

    Wanna bet I can rip it up in 59 seconds?

  76. Gail Hatton says:

    He did say, “name something you have always wanted to do, and haven’t done it yet.

  77. Tom Green says:

    Since I’ve (bl)eaten three of this guy’s fingers I may as well start on the book.

  78. Jefferson says:

    :59 Seconds, soon to be out in goat manure!

  79. If the goat consumes thirty five words a minute, how long will it take him to eat the whole book, covers included?

  80. Jason Garcia says:

    Goat: Oh so you’re debunking self-help myths now, Phil? You don’t know anything about self-help myths! You’re such a bad astronomer! Give me that book & go back to your telescope!

  81. Calgacus says:

    Its “time” for dinner.

  82. Tejas Praveen says:

    Putting a pencil between your teeth makes you happier? Pencils are too mainstream,i’d prefer 59 seconds!

  83. David STANYER says:

    bovidae caprinae hungerae

  84. Dharmaruci says:

    that’s MY book!

  85. Kotaro Sumii says:

    Read it. Eat it. And become a WISEMAM.

  86. Philip says:

    I’ll show you how distribution works around here!!!!!

  87. Henry says:

    Maaaaaaam. Haaaave you heaaaaaard theee gooood neeews? Leeet meee teeeeelll youuu abouuut my relaaaationshiiiip wiiith Wiiiisemaaaan.

  88. Hilary says:

    I hope this one is easier to digest than Quirkology.

  89. Julia says:

    Forget Hans the horse. Gerhard the goat can clearly count to 59.

  90. Gunnar says:

    Goat any last words?

  91. Janneke says:

    59 seconds, a delicious read

  92. Jan says:

    Not even smelly feet can prevent the goat from applying for the job as a hole puncher

  93. Darren h says:

    “Wise goats chew on Wiseman”

  94. arjay says:

    Goat chews a book and I’ll read it to you.

  95. Sindy says:

    You said you were just leaving for 59 seconds!

  96. perolofkarl says:

    I was hungry … they told me to come back for seconds.

  97. arjay says:

    Eager to get out of the funk he was in, Gareth the Goat was draw to Dr Wiseman’s book by the promise of a quick solution. Alas, the inescapable spiral of negative thought soon gripped him when he realised 59 seconds was considerably longer in goat seconds.

  98. arjay says:

    Although it appeared he was reading a popular psychology book, hidden inside was a copy of Playgoat.

  99. arjay says:

    The winning entry in a goat photo caption contest has been revealed to be an old gag by Spike Milligan.

  100. Steve says:

    I came back for seconds … 59 to be precise !

  101. Stevie says:

    Seconds into his nap, wise man startled by crazy, grazing goat in seconds.

  102. Ryan Moyer says:

    59 Seconds: Even the kids will love it.

  103. Stevie says:

    Cow eating “Rip it Up”, creates curious goat pareidolia effect.

  104. Juan Agudelo says:

    The last thing Bert could remember was a very bright light just after leaving his last NLP session…

  105. Stevie says:

    I don’t know what would be right to write butt if the goat could chew the cud from chomping on the chapters, what wood would be good for its pud?

  106. Nigel Carter says:

    I can finish this book in less than 59 nanny-seconds!

  107. Calgacus says:

    I will have some of this “food for thought”

  108. rmb says:

    Well, a second here or there!

  109. edwardv says:

    Here, read this book. I’m hoping it’ll make you a better goat farmer.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Atleast , someone has read !!!

  111. Fuchhur says:

    The goat and the mirror

    Here I am, whatching a goat eating a book.
    “Why are you eating my Book?” I ask.
    “Why are you, man, not eating this book?” The goat replies.
    “Because I am no goat.”
    “So why are you no goat?”
    “Because,” it is in ne to answer “if I was a goat eating a book, and you, goat that you are, were eating the same book, than this book was a mirror.”
    “But is not every book a mirror, for does it not reveal Things about yourself that you Do not know?” The goat asks.
    “And if this book, as every book, is a mirror, are you not a goat devouring a book than?
    What does this tell you about yourself?”

  112. Henry says:

    Seconds! I love having seconds. And thirds. And fourths. Hey, I’m a goat. What did you expect?

  113. Jason Garcia says:

    Goat: Mind if I borrow this book? My friend Shaun the Sheep always have problems in each episode. He might need this.

  114. pete says:

    Is this printed on vellum?

  115. A wise man will, if he just thinks a little, fail the monty hall problem.

  116. Neddy says:

    Won’t be a minute!

  117. churchynet says:

    Richard Wiseman. I think I’ll take a leaf out of your book…

  118. astonishing This Web page

  119. Rob Falconer says:

    With my lunch, I do like a lot of helpings … 59 seconds to be precise

  120. Anonymous says:

    I hate derren brown

  121. Leticia says:

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  122. Bruce says:

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