Into secret doors?


Like lots of magicians and illusionists, I have always loved the idea of secret doors and hidden rooms.

The other day I found Secret Door Designs on the web. They send you all the stuff you need to make any door look like a bookcase. I measured up the door to my office, sent them the dimensions, and a few days later I received a mysterious package of fake books! A handyman and I put it all together (actually, to be honest, he did most of the work), and when it’s closed it looks like this….



And when it swings open, it looks like this…..


It was very easy to build (especially if you have someone else do it), and here it is being constructed…


Plus you can customise some of the books, thus allowing for a gag or two….

photodoor4Anyway, I am not on commission or anything like that, I just thought that I would mention it because it seems like a rather lovely idea. Hope that you like it!

UPDATE: A few people have asked about handles and latches.  One of the shelves has a groove cut into it that acts as a handle, and the kit comes with a ball catch.


19 comments on “Into secret doors?

  1. Eddie says:

    Very bibliotechnical.

  2. FreDRoolZ says:

    Now that you hav braged about this burglers will know its fake and steal everything from yr office stupid

  3. ctj says:

    what’s up with the dog on the wall?

  4. Gail Hatton says:

    very cool, ctj, its a fox lol

  5. mgm75 says:

    I have to get me one of those!

  6. One Eyed Jack says:

    I’ve wanted to have secret door in a house ever since I was a child. Obviously I’m not alone in this feeling.

  7. Andrew Kato says:

    I like this. I am going to try it. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPad

  8. L Beau says:

    Check out these guys…
    They use real bookcases. Some of their hidden doors are just mindblowing. Probably cost a bajillion dollars though.

  9. Lovely idea – I was also looking for a handyman in Edinburgh, so that’s a “two for the price of one” that I’ve taken from this blog post 🙂

  10. I’ve been thinking about building something similar but it would have real books and open with a secret knock (via Arduino).

  11. Martha says:

    The books look very fake. Just a few paperbacks to break up each row would’ve helped a lot

  12. L.Long says:

    Your door isn’t all that hidden as just touching the ‘books’ would give it away.
    I like the use of actual bookcases as doors as they are using actual books that can be moved and used there by making the no door illusion stronger.

  13. Little Kitty says:

    They don’t just do secret doors, they make customised box files too, whereas you can choose whatever you want to type in. Great idea for office filing.

  14. Hallie says:

    No need to lift a finger, you can pick this beauty up right online.
    You will just extend the length of time of
    the apparent hurt. Putting up listings also won’t
    cost them a thing.

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