When someone tells you that a big part of who we are is written in our genes, feel free to show them this video (it is 15 mins long, but well worth the investment)…


  1. Proving that some things are caused by environment doesn’t prove that all things are caused by environment. I’ve spent a fortune on a nurturing environment and all the top teachers and coaches and my cat still can’t read or write.

    1. Can you expand on what you are trying to say ? I can’t see who what you have said relates to the video.

    2. That’s because cats are telepathic and disdain primitive communication methods like writing.

    1. Sounds to me like you just descriminated against a person because of their political views. What does that make you?

    2. I think maybe that it’s more like that they convince themselves that they are ‘better’ (what ever that means and it could mean a lot of things) than others. It’s part of the human condition, part of our evolutionary heritage.

    3. This has been replicated. Recently. With adults. And making white people the inferior group.

    1. Yes the video is very powerful but couldn’t be replicated today. Not with children anyway and not in most countries.

    1. what I meant was, this was really moving (albeit in an emotional as opposed to physical – or even psudo – way). Especially, for me, the boy at the end who was trying to rip up his collar as it had affected him so much. I suppose it was an experiment – but it was also a learning experience. Suprised that the children weren’t obviously affected by the presence of a camera, especially in those days.

    1. I didn’t watch it all as I’d seen it before. There was a gorilla in there somewhere ? I must have a proper look.

    1. This is a very serious ‘message’ and I don’t think your attempts at humour are appropriate.

    2. Well Steve, luckily it doesn’t matter what you think. People are different. Some respond to serious situations with humor. Some with tears, anger, or maybe nervous tension. You saying that my humor makes me wrong is no different than saying I shouldn’t have an opinion because I have the wrong eye color. Not everyone is just like you. Lighten up.

    1. Beautiful also in the sense that the idea the video is trying to convey has many more unknowns than knowns. It seems at first a simple concept but in all probability is very complex with many aspects still unknown. 50 years hence it may be seen very differently as science progresses.

  2. It’s so nice see the days when teachers with such wisdom and such caring hearts were able to teach things like that. I couldn’t help but wonder how many calls the principal would have gotten from parents if a teacher attempted to get that point across in that way in the present. I wish compassion was taught in every school these days in light of all of the studies that show the benefits, especially to the health of the person feeling compassion.

    1. Except in “those days” many teachers were teaching racism, either actively or by quiet acquiescence.

  3. The president of the United States has brown eyes,, even his wife and kids have brown eyes 😉 the world congratulated the United States for its example.

  4. I saw this video a few years ago, and amazed at how forward-thinking the teacher was.

    Simply incredible.

    It would be very interesting to see these schoolchildren today, and ask them how this influenced them (or not) – at the time and through their lives

  5. There’s a 90 minute documentary about this called “Blue Eyed”, which includes the same experiment being done with a group of adults. Very similar results. In-group/out-group behaviour is very easy to bring out in people.

  6. People are not treated badly because of their color. They are treated badly because they behave badly. Stop playing the rascism card!

    1. What exactly are you replying to, Sandy? Your comment doesn’t seem to relate in its content to anything either in the original post or the comments above

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