@BookMarkLee sent me this great photo the other day.  It clearly shows that Andy Murray carries an old man in his sports bag….



Whilst on the topic of Murray, I posted a tweet yesterday about sport and theatre.  I have found that although sporting events can be exciting and memorable (as with Murray’s great win at Wimbledon), they don’t have much of a long-term impact on people’s lives.  In contrast, a great piece of theatre or film can change your life.  Feel free to discuss!


    1. i think you may be right about this, but then whom order the dugout be dug, placed the old man there and then positioned the bag and tipped off the press?

      these are many unasnwered questions.

    2. Which prompts the question of why you’re so desperate to disprove the man in the bag theory? “Dugout” eh? Very convenient…

    3. Why is the man in the bag the only one not awkwardly looking away from the urinating man in the blue suit?

  1. A piece of theatre or film might move a single person, but a sporting event can bring a city or even a country together. Just take a look at Murray winning. All of Great Britain (and many around the world) was behind him during that match. Perhaps he wasn’t their favorite player, but they rallied to a cause around him: being the first player from GB to win it in 77 years. For many years people will talk about what he did and how/where they saw him win.

    It’s a way for people of different backgrounds and beliefs to come together and have something in common in a way other things can’t. We may have different tastes when it comes to movies or music, and wouldn’t have anything to discuss if we normally met, but if we can all come together for an event like this then it’s a way for us to connect.

  2. Although interesting are your comments I think they are ‘off topic’ and for some other forum rather than this one.

  3. On topic is “Feel free to discuss” .. theatre vs sports. I think you have to be sports lovers for sports to unite the population.

  4. The comments were way better than the picture. And I agree about sports vs. theater. Only when there is good theater in a particular sports event is it memorable. And the definition of ‘good’ would differ with the beholder, I’m sure.

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