Bernardo sent me this great animated gif of a man catching his flight…


I rather liked the simplicity of it. Do you?


  1. masterful giffing,
    and it gave my friend another flying paranoia ” oh great! now I can just be plucked from the sky by a baldie with a debigulator!”

  2. This is actually a video by Black Moon from b3ta last year. He makes very clever vids, check out some of his others too.

  3. I’m good with everything except the contrails. First, they’re coming from the wingtips, and not the engines (and contrails don’t come from wingtips). Second, they move perfectly with the clouds. Now, the clouds are a matte painting (you can tell this because they are cumulus clouds but aren’t changing shape). I can get my head around making the airplane “fly” against a moving background painting of static clouds. But how the heck did he make the contrails?

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