Cat in a bag


There was an amazing response to the latest Quirkology video on YouTube yesterday, and we ended up getting over 3 million views!.  Thank you for watching.  In other news, @teamhoddo sent me this great photo of a cat in a bag.  Enjoy….


Like it?


6 comments on “Cat in a bag

  1. Julia says:

    I guess that’s the opposite of a cat beard…

  2. Stevie. says:

    I like it. Perhaps it’s an adversary of the Doctor. See background.

  3. Miss Chili says:

    What a fit-looking kitty, although its jeans couldn’t have a hole for the tail, could they?! 😀

  4. sidney18511 says:

    OMG…this is the COOLEST kitty pic EVER!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your awsome

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