This is a great line drawing of a man’s face. Would you trust him?


  1. I have tried hard and don’t get why he’s a liar. Could some kind person please explain how you can tell? It’s not the Friday puzzle so you can tell the answer. Anyone who doesn’t want to know can skip your answer. Thank you so much.

    1. if you look at his nose, it’s an L, and if you keep going down the face it spells liar. so no I would not trust him.

    2. Apparantly, none of you read my immediate comment after original saying, never mind answering,I saw answer-maybe said so in too short a manner-was tired -for you to get, especially jerk who made blode crack. do you get a kick out of being rude ? I’m a natural brunette but know several smart natural blondes. Think more carefully before you isult next time.

    3. P.S. Thank you for being polite and trying help Greta. Next time I’ll say I solved something without short phrases.Kind of you.

    4. Hi Lady. i had trouble at first but if you read the picture you will see the lines that draw the picture make the word Liar.

    5. before I get another rude crack from jerk about spelling, had hard time typing in responses here today-could be my end of things.

    1. Yes, but if he claims he is always a liar, then this must also be a lie, meaning he’s not a liar, but if he’s not a liar he has just lied to us…. I do not trust this man.

  2. I’m probably going to be out of synch with everyone else (as usual), but whereas I think he looks very serious, I think I’d trust him. Is it the glasses?!

  3. This is a drawing of no peticular man. How can we answer this without knowing who it is? If we see a man like this drawing its wrong to prejudice him of how he looks.

  4. I save myself a lot of trouble by not trusting anyone, and the more trustworthy it looks, nice suit-roman collar-fancy car, the less I trust them and in fact keep a sharp eye out on them cuz every one I know that deserves jail time fits those descriptions.

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