coverPlease do NOT post your answer, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

The police know that either Dick, Jack, Sally, or Jimmy have stolen some money. Each suspects makes a statement, but only one of the statements is true.Dick said, “I didn’t do it.”
Jack said, “Dick is lying.”
Sally said, “Jack is lying.”
Jimmy said, “Jack did it.”

Who committed the crime?

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  1. I got it fairly quickly. If you like this kind of puzzle I recommend looking up Raymond Smullyan, his book ‘What is the name of this book’ is fantastic.

  2. If only real life was so simple.
    How do the plods know “only one of the statements is true”? are they profiling the suspects?

  3. I’m skewing the sample, because I never comment on the ones I can’t do!

    This one: a /very/ simple insight as I read it, which made it instantly obvious.

  4. Trial and error, first answer was correct in ~30 secs. Took a few mins more to show other possibilities were wrong.

  5. about 5 seconds, might have taken longer if they were written in a different order though and only needed 3 statements

  6. About 30 seconds to get an answer, but I didn’t bother double-checking as everyone who does that seems to be right anyway 🙂

  7. have you guys seen the brain games at nat geo? I’ve seen most of their tricks and other stuff here in this site before.

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