I give you Mr Mop-Head


Stephen B sent me one of the best pareidolia that I have seen in a long time.  So, I give you…. Mr Mop-Head



11 comments on “I give you Mr Mop-Head

  1. Steve says:

    It looks more like one of those apes/monkeys I’ve seen on some natural history programs. I can’ think which one though. I think I’ll Google the image.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If nothing else, I LOVE the new word!

  3. Peter says:

    This image reminds me to my language teacher on a test

  4. Lazy T says:

    Is he the main proponent of string theory?

  5. I have a namer for my condition!

  6. Dharmaruci says:

    Is Peter Stringfellow?

  7. Guy says:

    this “daily” blog is really starting to suck. c’mon richard – let’s pick up the quality, yeah?

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  9. Shawnee says:

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