Will R brought my attention to this wonderful mask illusion (which I suspect is a Richard Gregory piece)…

It is one of the best I have ever seen.  Enjoy it?


    1. Not fake. No need for it to be.
      Try this. make a strip of paper about 4cm wide (for a 38cm screen) and play the video on full screen with the strip placed vertically on the center of the spinning image. you will have no problem making the back of the mask seem concave. As long as you see no facial features, you brain is not tricked.

      It would be interesting to compare this with a “mask” of a random shape and see what the brain does with it.

  1. This is just like the Einstein mask that’s been available for many years.

    I’m sure that someone somewhere does ‘personalised’ versions of these too!

  2. Why is this better than any of the other 10 gazillion versions published? The one they showed on QI I thought was a better effect

    1. The one shown on QI was the Einstein mask.
      I prefer that one over the Chaplin mask because the colours define the outside of the Chaplin one while you couldn’t tell if the Einstein mask was facing to of from us until it moved into profile.

    1. Do you know you can download the pattern and built that wonderful dragon?
      I’ve made several. A great design from Martin Gardner.

  3. I’ve seen this Chaplin mask video before. They’ve been using this illusion in Disney’s Haunted Mansion for years (with negative-space head-bust stastues); the negative space optically reads “in reverse,” its movements give the illusion of following you as you pass.

    1. It took me multiple visits over probably several years before I was able to figure out how it works. The illusion of the faces following you makes the illusion even more compeling.

  4. Love the narration. Not much chance of misunderstanding what’s going on – over and over with every rotation…

  5. My grandson is autistic, and he wouldn’t see the illusion. Since he doesn’t see faces the same was neurotypicals do, he doesn’t fall for the illusion.

    The human brain is amazing, innit?

    1. Thanks, but don’t be sorry, he’s fine. Smart as a whip and absolutely no social skills – sounds like a recipe for a mathematician, doesn’t it? (That’s what his dad and I are.)

      His brain constantly fascinates me.

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