Another video care of Denis M today.  Does this scare you?


    1. Agreed – with grass in the background there was never any doubt that it was a model and if it had been a real truck I still would not have been scared.

      This one confuses me – am I missing something or did Mr W. link to the wrong video?

    1. I think you’re supposed to assume it’s a real bulldozer, rather than a model. The way it stops and reverses so quickly gives it away, tho’

  1. The fact that there is a hand in the corner of the start screen gave it away before I’d even begun playing.

    1. I don’t know what Grimsby is, or what the financial restrictions are, but that’s still funny.

  2. No. It’s obviously a toy ‘dozer because the soil isn’t “sluggish” enough & when the stones/clumps move down the slope under gravity they drop too fast

    A lot of videos of scale models are slowed down to compensate for certain effects propagating/moving too fast in models such as:-
    Water waves
    Objects falling under gravity

  3. I think you would have to be very unobservant to not see that this was a toy dozer from the beginning. Everything is wrong. The movement of the dozer, the movement of the soil, lack of exhaust, scale of the surrounding plants.

    Given all that. I can’t imagine what about this is supposed to be scary.

  4. Wait, what? Am I supposed to think it’s a full-sized vehicle? Is the thought that it might be a full-sized vehicle even supposed to have occurred to me as a possibility? To make that work, you need to film it from a low angle, use fractal-sized rubble (instead of soil-sized soil), and get the speed right.

  5. If the bulldozer had stopped and had a guy get out of it, that would have been a little scary/funny/amazing.

  6. I don’t understand this at all. What is supposed to be scary? It’s a toy bulldozer. I didn’t analyse the footage or notice the grass, I just pressed play and was presented with footage of a toy bulldozer. If it was a real bulldozer why is it supposed to be scary? If I thought it was real and then realised it was a toy, what is supposed to be scary. Sorry, just completely baffled by this, or is that the point? Any feedback from Mr Wiseman?

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