Where does the ball come from?


I have just made a new Quirkology video….

It took many a take, but hope that you enjoy it!


23 comments on “Where does the ball come from?

  1. Paul Durrant says:

    Brilliant. I did wonder why you took a step forward before bouncing the ball!

  2. Kerry Leese says:

    Brilliant. I obviously had to re-watch it. It must have been pain staking but worth it for our perspective. It’s interesting how every little movement counted!

  3. Magnanamous Dinoflagellate says:

    Richard…You should have asked Messrs Jillette and Teller..You could have saved the price of a ninja..


  4. Julia says:

    like it. Couldn’t work it out without watching the solution.

  5. sirkitkat says:

    The pirouette you do feels unnatural. Combined that with your history of perspective/visual tricks lead me to the conclusion that you had something/someone to hide behind you.
    This must has been verry dificult to capture on video 😀
    Unnatural pirouette: http://youtu.be/sIQ_8bIco3s?t=14s

  6. Lazy T says:

    I guessed wrongly, maybe you inflated it behind the cloth, but was really shocked when the ball bouncedt out of my ipad and knocked over my espresso.

  7. Evan Cohrs says:

    Clever, I very much enjoy your work, thank you. Keep it up

  8. Red ball is in his Right Hand as he enters the room.

  9. Reblogged this on myself & me and commented:
    I’m so glad I’ve found Quirkology It will help me convince people that their brains may trick them into believing all kinds of things…….. so I can then encourage people to be reflective about automatic thoughts & behaviours – Thankyou

  10. Greg says:

    Brilliant. Thought your solution was just a joke at first. Was expecting to see a moonwalking bear.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Very well done! A bit of trivia: at :12 there’s a glimpse of ninja under the left arm. This is not a problem since you don’t see it if you don’t already know about it.

  12. Gene says:

    Aah, that was my first guess, but I rejected it because I didn’t see anything between your legs. (That’s not a sex joke. I think.)

  13. Dharmaruci says:

    it would be hard to make a stage act of this because it works only from one very camera accurate angle.

    to develope your magic career, mr wiseman, please work on tricks that can be done with a live audience.

  14. Jethro says:

    Love it. Thank you.

  15. Pablo says:

    Great trick Richard. Thank you for you magic. I’m a fan from argentina 🙂
    Two more trivias… At :13 another ninja part between your legs… And at the end… You show the duct tape sticked to the ball.

  16. Henry says:

    The trick is that we assume a video is similar to a stage act, but it’s not. There is a lot more control with a firmly set camera angle, and you can keep shooting until you get it right.

  17. Lakritze says:

    Brilliant! (I wonder how many people stop watching the video before the solution.)

  18. Miss Chili says:

    Fantastically fun! I had to spread this out to Farcebook, saying that those of you who are inclined to say, ‘It came from his ass!’ probably shouldn’t watch this video, as doing that may interfere with your drinking 😛

  19. Dazza says:

    Why not just tape the thing to your back?

  20. Reblogged this on Illuminutti and commented:
    Brilliant illusion! Check it out.

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