Short but great…..


David B brought my attention to this lovely clip.  It is very short, very simple, but very powerful.


21 comments on “Short but great…..

  1. Geoff the God of Biscuits says:

    Fake. He’s put boots on his hands.

  2. Dharmaruci says:

    that is very good magic, thank you mr wiseman. she vanished leaving only shoes. out in open with no obvious camera cuts. v. puzzling indeed.

  3. Lazy T says:

    until I read the comments I thought the lady was some kind of fractal genetic mutant, thanks for setting things straight

  4. Eddie says:

    Had me fooled.

  5. Miss Chili says:

    So, like unto most men, his best girlfriend is his hands. Got it. / smirk

  6. issa hamati says:

    it is very good magi, thanks I love it

  7. L.Long says:

    Loved the illusion, after seeing the answer I re-watched to see the obvious tell. But it still looked OK. Great!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. dayuntoday says:

    Cute. And I did not see it coming.

  10. pete says:

    Boot is on the other, err, foot

  11. Pointer says:

    Perfect Girlfriend? Perfect like “not a real person”? I know I’m being sensitive but these days it’s a real struggle for women to be treated with dignity. Just sayin’.

  12. Gail Hatton says:

    very cool, I dont think enough people do stuff like that

  13. Gail Hatton says:

    just thought, was the producer thinking that his hands do a better job than a real girlfriend?….tee hee 🙂

  14. Gary Barnes says:

    Ooh, Aberystwyth!

  15. Pfeffermatz says:

    Hat dies auf Pfeffermatz rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Letztens habe ich die Seite von Richard Wiseman entdeckt, der sich viel mit Illusion und psychologischen Tricks beschäftigt. Insbesondere sammlet er auf seinem Blog allerlei schöne und spannende Videos anderer Leute. Folgendes sehr kurze Video ist einfach nur nett anzuschauen und doch ein klein bisschen überraschend. Viel Spaß!

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