Two things today.

First, The Magic Circular (magazine of The Magic Circle) has just reviewed my new trick, The Grid.  It is a very kind review by Darren Tossell, and ends saying  “…a masterful piece of magic from the ingenious mind of Professor Richard Wiseman.  Highly Recommended”.  If you are interested in the trick, click here.

Second, Darren S sent me this wonderful weird photograph…..


Can you get your head around it?


  1. It’s known as the “Droste Illusion”. Tap that into Google images and you’ll find plenty of examples.

  2. until I read the comments I thought the lady was some kind of fractal genetic mutant, thanks for setting things straight

  3. You’ve got a stunning portrait of Rebecca Van Dyck. From a Levi’s Director of Marketing to Head of Marketing, Facebook, this lady must be a marketing genius.

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