I was in a shop the other day and came across this doll of a famous person.  I thought that almost no-one would recognise who it was and so put it on Twitter.  As predicted, almost no one got it right, but there were some great guesses.  So…… who do you think it is?



  1. from the bald patch and coat i’d say it was Michelle Gorbachev – the last president of the old USSR.

  2. Is it the Rev Ian Paisley? Or one of the Union leaders from the 70’s… Gormley or Grimond?? Or (final guess) Gay Byrne, the Irish talk show host..????

  3. i know this question is a bit late, can you confirm mr Wiseman that we can post ans to this friday puzz? normally that is not asked,

  4. I had a feeling that had happened, below is a copy of what I sent. Hope you don’t mind, would be very grateful. Love Karen xxxxx

    Can you do me a very big favour ASAP. When Ashley is out can you [or one of the girls] get hold of one of Ashley’s T-Shirts that she wears and you know that fits her. Can you measure it from arm-pit to arm-pit across the width of body. This is for her 40th and Spanish sizes differ from UK sizes, ie they are much smaller. Hope that makes sense. You probably know I am over with Edna between 5 – 12th June but I will be posting Ashley’s b’day present from here well before, so there is no panic, you know picking it up or whatever.

    Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 06:31:05 +0000 To: playmonf@hotmail.com

  5. A blurry crappy photo that leaves so much to be desired that it is hardly possible to work out who it is?

  6. It is the inventor of “the grid” having gone grey for thinking so brilliantly as he brought forth such a brilliant trick.

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