Can you figure out who this is?


I was in a shop the other day and came across this doll of a famous person.  I thought that almost no-one would recognise who it was and so put it on Twitter.  As predicted, almost no one got it right, but there were some great guesses.  So…… who do you think it is?



91 comments on “Can you figure out who this is?

  1. Ajit Athle says:

    Isn’t this George Clooney?

  2. Dharmaruci says:

    from the bald patch and coat i’d say it was Michelle Gorbachev – the last president of the old USSR.

  3. bigdoggy says:

    It looks a lot like Thomas Edison.

  4. Steve martin or Phillip Schofield??

  5. Spongle321 says:

    Patrick Moore

    • xraya4t says:

      That was my guess. But the few times I met him in South Africa he was quite a large man.

  6. andypiehead says:

    Is it the Rev Ian Paisley? Or one of the Union leaders from the 70’s… Gormley or Grimond?? Or (final guess) Gay Byrne, the Irish talk show host..????

  7. Pierre says:

    The old man in Up (the animation with the house flying with balloons)

  8. Wataru Kaze says:

    It’s probably Jesus.

  9. john jahanpour-burke says:

    Is It Steve Martin?

  10. Besides looking Thomas Edison, also has a similarity to Walter Bishop . . . from Fringe 😉

  11. Anita Dunne says:

    Bill Clinton?

  12. Dharmaruci says:

    i know this question is a bit late, can you confirm mr Wiseman that we can post ans to this friday puzz? normally that is not asked,

  13. Cèsar says:

    Boris Yeltsin!

  14. Andy Jackson says:

    Those Max Clifford dolls aren’t as popular these days

    Is it Steve Martin?

  15. andygdesign says:

    Terence Stamp or Sir Alex Ferguson

  16. Anders says:

    David Byrne

  17. Waldorf from the Muppets (although he had a mustache, so probably not).

  18. Eddie says:

    It’s Sir Alex Ferguson of course!

  19. Joel Kaplan says:

    Faye Dunnaway

  20. Ryan says:

    Ron Paul

  21. Jeffrey says:

    I hope this isn’t the Friday puzzle

  22. Anonymous says:

    Boris Yeltsin

  23. altex6 says:

    Malcom McDowell?

  24. Josh says:

    Julia Gillard ?

  25. Anonymous says:

    That’s me!

  26. Me says:

    That’s me!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Kim Kardashian …….

  28. Barry says:

    Kim Kardashian…………

  29. Anonymous says:

    Steven Fry?

  30. Karen Jacqueline Marais says:

    I had a feeling that had happened, below is a copy of what I sent. Hope you don’t mind, would be very grateful. Love Karen xxxxx

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  31. Natura Umana says:

    macaulay culkin 🙂

  32. tuxcomputers says:

    A blurry crappy photo that leaves so much to be desired that it is hardly possible to work out who it is?

  33. David Roberts says:

    Giorgio Armani

    Sent from my iPhone

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thomas Edison

  35. TS says:

    That woman from “When Harry Met Sally” that says “I’ll have what she’s having”?

  36. James Bailey says:

    Kinda looks like Barry Humphries to me.

  37. Pat Nowak says:

    It is the inventor of “the grid” having gone grey for thinking so brilliantly as he brought forth such a brilliant trick.

  38. Guy Flaneur says:

    Yeltsin…you can tell by the bad breath.

  39. plazeebo says:

    That’s Ian Rowland

  40. Lazy T says:

    is it Wally?

  41. Steve D says:

    It’s probably supposed to be Thomas Edison but it looks more like Michael Gambon.

  42. Mark Valentine says:

    Walter Cronkite?

  43. rmholt says:

    Bob Schieffer?

  44. SpecialQue says:

    It’s that thieving bastard, Edison

  45. Anton says:

    Anthony Hopkins. knew that at a single glance

  46. Anonymous says:

    Jeremy Clarkson

  47. Am11gp says:

    Edward Asner
    In the movie Up

  48. Claire says:

    It’s the new pope on dress-down Friday.

  49. sidney18511 says:

    Thomas Edison.

  50. Ken Haley says:

    Jay Leno is my guess. Grey hair, big chin…

  51. TS says:

    It’s whoever you want it to be.

  52. Anonymous says:

    albert enstine

  53. Anonymous says:

    albert einstein

  54. Geo says:

    My vote goes to Yeltsin.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Michael Caine

  56. Anonymous says:


  57. futureprimitive82 says:

    Johnny Cash?

  58. Anonymous says:

    definitley Boris Yeltsin

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Charles Sullivan says:

    Billy Idol.

  61. Dan Broderick says:

    It’s Malcolm McDowell from the official star trek generations cuddly toy range

  62. Steve Lakey says:

    Adam Clayton from U2!

  63. kns544 says:

    Anthony Bourdain??? Just tell us. 😐

  64. Charles says:

    Billy Idol

  65. seapunk2 says:

    He’s every man, he’s any man, he’s the man with the gun.

  66. Goosedodger says:

    Jerry Andrus?

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