This is a wonderful video sent to me by @MarkIAllison.

It is a perfect combination of science and the arts, and the ending is simply superb.  Take a few moments out of your day and watch perfection.


  1. Not sure when this performance took place, but I’ve seen this exact same concept before in a short film on Vimeo. It was uploaded March 22nd:

  2. Beautiful!, admirable and full of energy and serenity. A good example of motivation, concentration, practice and perseverance. For her own fulfillment and those who watch it!

  3. Stunningly and amazingly beautiful! Balance that is so gorgeous to watch, even online, as I sat here trying not to breathe too hard and hoping that all mobile phones in the audience were shut off! :-O

    1. I was just about to say that . So I just have to say five words instead: double u – o – double u!

  4. It would have been great, if not on one of those hackneyed “talent” shows, with all those intense looks of interest and judgement by the “judges” and the predictable “whoops” of the audience at the end.
    Haven’t those shows and their utter predictability gotten stale YET!?

  5. Last summer in NYC, I saw this done by a different performer in Spiegelworld’s “Empire”. The show is currently in Australia. In Las Vegas, check out “Absinthe”, another wonderful carnival/circus of amazing intimate performances.

  6. You can also see it live in the new Cirque du Soleil touring show called “Amaluna”. Endless patience to see the performer put it together.

  7. Interesting to watch the audience shots with jaws agape… as if they can’t comprehend simple physics and patience at work.

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