David B (and many others) kindly sent me this great video.

I am not actually sure how they did it!  CGI?  Twins? Editing?  What do you think?


  1. Obviously an optical illusion..
    For visual evidence – see the water level in his glass… Quite a skilled performance “walking” up and down the stairs though.

  2. Twins and similar looking people. the oriental girl and boy in the red top — I don’t think they had twins. Their second appearance in a shot was at great distance, so just similar looking people were needed. When someone needed to magically reappear in a shot, their appearance was preceded by a specific number of loud steps up or words to cue the reappearance. Tricky to direct, but a cool idea and well done.

  3. novel reinterpretation,
    I use a staircase that gets longer the more I have to carry up it, must be the same architect.

  4. Twins and camera tricks. Note how at the very end when he’s passing by students in the stairwell, when he reaches the landing the camera avoids showing the students. Because they’re either not there or are different. Fake fake fake.

  5. As a philosophy professor at RIT, I urged the administration to put up a sign — especially for 1st year students. They come ‘up’ the stairs and, not realizing they are on the same floor they just checked out, can’t figure out why the room numbers are the same as the ones they just checked out on the floor ‘below.’ More angst is not what students need, I thought, but I now think that the stairs give just the sort of incredible intellectual jolt students should get at a university. I myself have changed my views completely. I now think only nothing is real, and all the rest? Just illusions.

  6. people have suggested many solns to this apparent puzzle. Including: the use of twins and “look-a-likes”, and that they are all wearing magnetic boots while flying a parabolic loop in the “vomit comic” (eg see Nasa http://facilities.grc.nasa.gov/zerog/ )

    but why is the most obvious soln being overlooked?

    when the walker reaches the midway point they just reverse the camera so the film is backwards.

    puzz is similar to challenges set by lateral thinker Edward de Bonio in the last century. one was: a vertical cylinder suddenly falls over. give a soln. one book had many 100s solns to the challenge puzz.

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