So here is a weird thing – a knitted illusion! Enjoy….

You can see lots more of them over at this website.  Like it?


  1. I’m not sure I’d call this an “illusion”. It’s just a lenticular display that shows exactly what is intended. To me, and “illusion” is something your brain misinterprets because it makes bad assumptions about incomplete information.

  2. An illusion is something you see that isn’t there, right?
    Or is it also the opposite, when something is there, but you can’t see it?
    But then there would be no reason to give it a name…
    Anyway, these fish aren’t fish, but illusions. 🙂

  3. Practically all this discussion on Siri amazes me. How can anybody rightly refer to a fairly uncomplicated voice recognition software program as artificial intelligence?

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