This is very very good…..

Assuming you liked it, which bit made you laugh?


  1. is it right to have actors in blackface even if they are that good? (and Daniel Daylewis was exceptional good in this extract).

    i noticed that they dared not show lawrence fishburne in whiteface depicting Joe Stalin, the part he says he plays in the movie.

    acting is one thing. respecting ethnicity choices is another. dare they to mix?

    1. “blackface”

      Get over it, it’s just make-up. No need to be so self-consciously politically correct.

      “ethnicity choices”

      Did you actually type that with a straight face?

  2. this is going to give our lot some ideas for self-promotion
    Helen Mirren as ‘call me Dave’
    Rowan Atkinson as Boris Bean
    The guy who plays Trigger as Gideon Osborne
    oh dear

    1. in this universe Daniel Daylewis is a respected actor who has played (now) 2 out of the 44 presidents the USA (“america”) has had since winning it’s independence.

      it is not clear from the video if He intends to play all of them.

  3. I don’t think anybody explained the background of this. It is from the Correspondents DInner in Washington. It’s an annual roast with the National Press, Politicos and invited celebrities. A famous comedian roasts the President and the President even roasts himself. This clip was from Obama’s roast of himself.

  4. It’s a double-bluff. It’s not Obama pretending to be Daniel Day-Lewis pretending to be Obama; it really *is* Daniel Day-Lewis pretending to be Obama. How can we tell? DDL is wearing a European tie. In Europe, the stripes on a tie go from top-right to bottom-left; in the USA they go from top-left to bottom-right.

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