Please do NOT post your answer, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

A mother takes two steps to her son’s three. If they go out for a walk together, and each start with the right foot, when will they first step together with the left?

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  1. About five minutes after a spectacular misreading of the question! It was when I realised that the puzzle (as I had read it) was impossible that I read it again and got it in about five seconds. Nicely done.

  2. wow, it took me a minute to even find the question. I scrolled down and suddenly there were comments. Once found, the answer was quick, on the order of seconds

  3. amazing that someone who cannot understand basic english could read the question, yet not understand the word NOT as in please do NOT post the answer. What is italian for moron?

  4. I think the Italian for moron is Anders – of course it might be Anne Elk.
    My enjoyment of the Friday puzzle is always spoiled by people complaining about spoilers (and indeed perceived spoilers).

  5. Dear I Luv Spoilers. Enjoyed your retro take on personal insults. Very ‘playground’. Well done. Let’s see if you can work in something about my mother being overweight next time.

    There are thousands of places to solve puzzles in a community before a pause before the answer is revealed. Try them out. This isn’t one of them.

  6. Anne
    You need to moan about Nick Cooper too.
    His pointing out that Carlo’s comment is not a spoiler in that it seems to be based on an incorrect answer surely constitutes a spoiler in its own right.

  7. Dear I Luv Spoilers
    Nick Cooper has not tried to give the answer away. He or she has stated that he or she disagrees with the proposed answer above. It’s not the same thing.
    Why not try out those other sites, as I suggested before?

    1. Nor do I intend to give you any links to them, or to anything else for that matter. A ten-second search will bring up several dozen. Let’s see if you can manage that much without a running commentary.

    2. That’s rather disappointing, Anne.
      I guess I’ll just have to continue to use this site Spoilerphobes notwithstanding.

    3. I’d really like you to have the last word on this one Anne…..over to you……

    1. I did it with my fingers: my right hand was the mother, the left the son. I stepped off with my fingers and realized that the 4 steps to 6 steps just brought me back to the start.

  8. It’s a little ambiguous. Since the boy steps quicker than the mother, what counts as “stepping together” –starting a step together and finishing at different times, or ending a step together that started at different times…or does either one count? The answer depends on it.

  9. I never even attempt to do the questions. I just look for spoilers so that I can be outraged and call people idiots.

  10. does puzzle mean first time both left feet leave ground at same moment? or first time both left feet step down onto ground at same moment?

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