@MattBloomFilms brought my attention to this great image.  How many circles can you see?



  1. Yes, 16. That is amazing. For the first several minutes I was flummoxed, then staring at the X gave me the necessary clue.

  2. This was a slow burn for me, nothing at all for quite a while, then eventually 4, but then quite quickly 8, then 12 then 16 and now impossible to look at it without seeing circles.

  3. Wow. None for ages. Then looked at comments and saw ref to 4 down the r/h side. Focused for a mo and saw them. Looked at more comments. 4 on the left too? Yup, ok, I can see them. Then 16. Gave up looking for the big ones tho!

    Thanks for sharing this Richard

  4. Are then any circles? or do we find what were looking for. we add the edges of the panel’s to make up the circles!!!!

  5. I see 25. But I guess my extra nine aren’t technically full circles, but partial ones and my mind does the rest. 3 rows of three with the x marking the center of the center circle (roughly the same size circles as the 16).

    1. I see 25 as well, 16 clear and obvious ones, and 9 sort of negative circles, which I’m not at all sure about, but I guess that’s the hallmark of a good illusion

  6. 16, but I didn’t see them for a few moments, until I let my eyes relax, like I had one of those odd posters that I can’t remember the darn name of just now, and then 16.

  7. Crap, I’d seen this one before and I couldn’t see it but this time it just popped.

    Always a cool moment when you “see it” for the first time.

  8. That was weird. I saw none for at least 30 seconds of staring. So I clicked to read comments, and the instant before the page switched I saw some (can’t say how many). So I switched away from the comments to look again. From there it wasn’t long before I saw all 16.

  9. It’s easier to see the 4 circles on the outside than on the inside. I would nitpick with the person who sees the 9 extra circles. They are more like ellipses.

  10. I’d seen this before and stared at it for a minute but couldn’t remember the effect. Then they popped out and now it’s hard not to see them.

    1. I think it’s that they are not perfect circles and the figure is not perfectly sharp. You first see vertical and horizontal elements meeting to form corners.

  11. That is cool! At first, I said, “Circles? What? Did he get the wrong picture?” and then they popped out. I see 16, but will have to look and see if I can see more.

  12. Carl above got it 1st. THERE ARE 0 CIRCLES.
    There are patterns in the panel that give soft brains the impression they are seeing 16 circles. I really love optical illusions as they really illustrate how reliable eye witness accounts aren’t.

  13. Neat. I have to relax my eyes to see the circles. At first I saw 4, then 8, then 12, and my brain said, “there have to be 16 if there are 12” and, voila, 16 appeared.

  14. For the first 30 seconds I saw nothing but boxes.
    Then a circle appeared on the right, I thought it replaced a box.
    Then it disappeared, and another appeared, and because they had nothing in common with the squares, I had to look at the file name to make sure it wasn’t a .gif.
    Then I realised the circles were created by the space between the squares, and then I could see all 16 circles.
    Pretty cool 🙂

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