….. but this really made me laugh (via @garethkalyan)


Like it?


  1. Not at all. Anything remotely related to a kidnapping used humorously is just insulting. What will be next? Children with cancer?

    1. That’s ridiculous. If you follow that logic for everything, you’ll end up saying ‘Stealing someone’s idea’ is immoral because it relates to stealing, or the joke “rust is boat cancer” (From ‘Friends’) is insulting. These are inanimate objects, so unless you want to argue that they have feelings and that kidnapping objects is a common issue in society today, you really can’t use that logic here. Good luck following your logic for the rest of your life, because I bet you can’t do it!

  2. i think if the tank was being kidnaped the kidnapers would make some effort to hide in from view. perhaps put it in the back of a shipping container.

    i think it is therefore exaggerating. or crying wolf.

  3. Dear Mr.Wiseman,Happy Easter to you and your family from your happy reader from Carlsbad, CA. Thank for sending me your  stuff. IT,s very interesting. Keep sending new ones. Thanks.  Alleluja.Pauline

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