Great image via @DrHamHock


Can you figure it out?


  1. Easily. Girl’s head is lowered over seated boy’s left shoulder. Her hair hangs down in view, in front of him.

  2. Yes!! Woman standing is draped over man sitting down. Her head is to the left with arms around his shoulders. I’m impressed with myself because I’m half asleep! As long as I’m correct, otherwise I’ll go back to sleep!

    1. Kerry, I think you could be mistaken. Are you sure that the woman draped over the man does not have her neck close to his with her hair falling straight down towards his lap? What you thought was her head to the left is possibly a different girl altogether, sitting in the next chair.

  3. Yes. There is a guy who will wonder 20 years down the line why he is lonely in life, but, will also be proud of the fact that he holds the All Time world record at 3 starring Angry Birds.

    1. Yep, I don’t figure this out. What is that guy thinking? Turning his back to a girl like that…

  4. The girl’s head is hidden behind the boy’s head the girl is standing, the boy is sitting I smiled when I figured it out. An amazing illusion!

  5. easy, the water bottle is not actually sitting on the laptop being used by the guy with headphones. it’s on the table in between him and the girl with the tank top.

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