@tomscott brought my attention to this amazing video – wonderful idea and beautifully filmed….


    1. Obviously, but anyway the rope must reach the other side somehow so that it can be then secured.

  1. I’d like to know how they got that second shot. It’s not from a helicopter. (no wind) but I don’t think it’s ground-based either.

    1. Probably from a camera attached to a remote controlled quad-copter. They are getting darn cheap now and as you can see get some great results.

    1. Why is it that we find it admirable when it probably is more akin to lunacy than courage? I admit to often being fascinated, awed, inspired, what have you, by some acts like this. Something about this video had a very different effect on me though. I found much less than admirable. I couldn’t help thinking these people were just fools, nothing more, and probably not people I would actually like. Perhaps I’m just getting old.

    1. The man that did the behind the scenes, Shay Carl, has some other videos that are awesome. Most of his videos are just him and his family, very wholesome and sweet, but he did do a series called “Broventures” with his brother. They do hang gliding and all sorts of other stuff with some first person views that are awesome.

  2. Reblogged this on Stuff Found and commented:
    This is awesome video. Only _slightly_ less insane than the winged suits. Then watch the follow up ‘behind the scenes’….the last shot in that one is totally worth it!

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