I have no idea who sent me this cat-based illusion, but I rather like it…..


and in other news, ‏@NicolasBT sent me a tweet saying his 8 year old son loves the site and had kindly made the following illusion for me – how very wonderful!



    1. Sorry, that was nonsense. I meant to say that when I looked at the text and not directly at the cats, they looked normal. Not when looked at directly.

  1. I think the cat-eye illusion comes from your brain trying to merge the two sets of eyes. It’s as if you are seeing double, which your brain thinks is an error and is trying to correct for, when in fact you are actually seeing double. Stare or gaze at them and you get the jittery focus and re-focus, as your brain tries to tell your eyes to re-align. It’s not that strong an effect, I agree. Maybe a different spacing of pairs of eyes would have a better effect.

  2. it is as if the camera has shake for the cats. we are used to ignoring that in photos.

    the child i think is the example of a camera turned at an angle, we often do not think that as with the photo of the sky at the top with foxes.

  3. You turn a camera 90 deg and this is an illusion? Oh, I get it, it’s supposed to be cute because a child did it. What makes me think Daddy had a lot to do with this?

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