@jbrownridge sent me this great image recently….


Can you figure out what is going on?


  1. These adorable critters are not facing downhill with the sky behind them, they are facing uphill with the reflection of the sky behind them on the water. That rock is protruding from the water, not hovering in the sky. Yes? No?

    1. If you look closely, you can clearly see the line that cuts the middle of the rock between that which is above the water and that which is a reflection. It is definitely a rock in the water with the sky reflected.

  2. Looked like a floating rock at first, then I thought perhaps a paper bag. Then I looked under the rock, and noticed ripples in the cloud/blue and realized it was water…then I realized I was looking at two adorable raccoons in front of a pond 🙂

  3. Don’t you see the fly, just above the rock? What seems like the edge with the water is in fact a rope, tied around the rock, and the fly, that has just come out of the kettle with magic potion, where Obelix also fell in, is now moving rocks, like menhirs…

    1. I, at first, thought the same thing, but then I realized that in fact the entire picture was upside down and what we are looking at is cave dwelling raccoon with a magic rock that is carrying a fly via a string.

  4. I believe this is a forged scene with stuffed animals, maybe in a museum. The light is so strange. But that’s not relevant, the pond and the reflection seem to be the answer.

  5. It’s a fantastic picture, but what appears to be the sky is simply the reflection of it on a nice calm lake with the rock protruding out of it. Initially the only explanation was that the rock’s base was snow covered.

    In any case, great picture!

  6. Are the Shadows correct in this pic? the sun is shining from the Due Left but the rock’s shadow in water is more South East.

    Pic may then be carefully composed studio fake perhaps for animated tv series.

    also animals are different species?

    1. People was asked if they could figure it out.
      Half the joy of a puzzle is to solve it yourself, the other half of the joy is to tell people that you solved it.

      Besides, this is only a silver star question, the Friday puzzle gives gold stars.

  7. Oh crap. Raccoons developed a telekinesis and use it to throw rocks at photographers. This is the end of the world as we know it.

  8. You’re looking downhill. The “critters” are walking uphill from the water. The rock is protruding from the water and the clouds that you see are a reflection from the water (pond). Yes?

  9. At first glance, being frank, I thought that rock was actually a meteor.
    But then, those racoons were so cool that I checked it again. Then I found that racoons are actually coming from a water body and whatever is seen behind them is the river and the reflections in it 🙂

  10. Silly people! This is obviously a picture of a fly airlifting a rock to drop on the badger to protect the fly’s raccoon friends.

  11. It’s obvious, Richard! If humans have animals as daemons, then animals must have inanimate objects as daemons, and that raccoon happens to be advised and protected by a large floating rock. Oh sorry, this isn’t the Golden Compass is it? Nevermind.

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